This four-day retreat is designed to dramatically shorten the path to emotional well-being. It is the perfect experience for those who are inspired to shed their old skin and recreate a more powerful version of themselves. Fun and relaxing activities will expand your mind and open your heart. This venue is incredibly well suited for the most enjoyable and memorable transformational experiences.

Yes, I going to the Netherlands!

Dates TBD

Includes four-day retreat, healthy gourmet meals, accommodation, and sauna access


Experience living in a community of people who devote themselves to harnessing the power of Love. Situated on an estate of 40 acres, Venwoude community and retreat center is surrounded by nature and has an incredible energy that supports transformation and deep contemplation. Venwoude stands for the conscious development and practical application of one’s personal power and qualities, committed to and in tune with the greater whole that we are all part of. Venwoude is a beautiful retreat center where people come together to participate and enjoy workshops, retreats or trainings. It is a place to learn and exchange, to breathe and experience, to nourish and rest, to relax and meditate.

The beautiful nature and the dedication of the residents and employees have created an atmosphere which is beneficial for growth and transformation processes and for contemplation and deepening.

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Address: Venwoude, Vuurse Steeg 1, 3749 AN, Lage Vuursche

Here are a few pictures taken at the retreat centre: